Community Work & Goal-Oriented Strides


Community Work & Goal-Oriented Strides

Community Work + Goals

Artful Growth Counseling is an advocate and supporter of outreach in the community. It is our hope to expand the voice of art within communities and neighborhoods providing outlets for perspective & voice. Nurturing the bond of community and establishing respectful movements toward growth and connection; advocating through image and collaboration. We value listening to what is needed to bridge the gaps that create distance between people.

Artful Reach Mail Art Project:

Please join Artful Growth Counseling in sharing expressive personal vision on meaningful exploration. 

Let’s make community postcard art about what’s important to you in the world today.

Political climate, racial injustice, stifled voices, inequalities, love, respect, priorities.

How can we express the need for transformation and change?

Through shared perspective, felt emotions, acknowledgement, and an “I see you” understanding.

It’s a start in making shifts in thinking and doing.

How to Start

1. Get your own stamped blank postcard mailed to you with a self-addressed return label.

2. Turn your voice into art & share your heart. Create  your artful message on the postcard. 

3. Drop in the mail.

4. View postcards on Artful Growth Social Media 

To receive your postcard, please complete the form below:

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I like nonsense, it wakes up the brain cells.

―  Dr. Seuss