Supervision & Consultation


Supervision & Consultation

Clinical Supervision & Consultation

I love case consultation and figuring out what it all means. Whether you’re working toward licensure or wanting to gain support with the work you do, let’s explore direction and solutions.

Working with other therapists gives me life, fills my bucket, and feels natural in the process of merging the depth of what we do with life itself. We will focus on growth, staying curious, and personal wellbeing.

Group & Individual Offerings Provided.

Sand tray explorations and art making are incorporated during supervision to tap into creative flow and to strengthen intuition.

Supervision provided by: Andrea Picard LCPC, ATR, RPT 

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This is your chance, take it! Let’s connect so we can explore all of the many possibilities available in your life. We can help navigate next steps, answer questions, and target needs. This short consultation can give you the direction you crave to begin seeing yourself as the strongest component in making life more manageable and aligned with you.

Creativity takes courage.

― Henri Matisse