In-Person Sessions & Teletherapy Services Currently Being Provided

At this time, In-Person & Teletherapy services are being provided. 

We provide Counseling services for folks across the life span in multiple capacities and layers. 

We work with littles starting at 6 years of age. Tweens & Teens and Adulthood in many ages and stages.

Areas of Focus:



Despite being amazing at what you do, you may feel stuck & in a rut, uncertain about how to generate healthy movement in your life.

We get you.

Words aren’t always necessary. 

We want to provide the space you need to creatively enhance your well-being through personal expression and directives applying art making and exploring sand tray work.

Service Industry Folks

You are hardworking and dedicated.  Your hours can be weird, and your  fast paced world is taking a toll. You might feel the urge to  vent frustrations due to overwhelming heartache, burn out, and mental health struggles. Your lifestyle cycle of late night outings is gaining more momentum than you’d like and you’re constantly in the weeds, even when you’re not at work. 

Things are getting to you and you simply need a fresh eye opening recharge. Changes due to the Pandemic may also have complicated matters more. The need is real, and we are here to help promote wellness and richness in your life. 


Pepsi can lunchbox

Child Whisperer

Your child may be feeling lots and lots of emotions and may be  overwhelmed with confusion, anger, and disconnect. Let’s try and simplify things for your child to build safety, emotional awareness, and ultimately develop greater self-understanding.

We are really kids at heart.

We thrive on trying to understand children better and enjoy building relationships and connections through art and play therapy. We want to help children navigate through personal stress, to enhance their felt sense of safety and strengthen confidence to develop problem solving skills that foster growth.

Parent-Child Relationships

The sport of parenting is difficult. 

You may be struggling to connect with your teen or little one, and you feel exhausted; definitely at your wits end. Insecurities have risen and stress has impacted your daily functioning.

Raising children is filled with adventures not to mention the scope of experiences each caregiver brings to the table. Aspects such as rigid thinking, traumatic events, emotional conflicts, substance abuse related issues, to behavioral problems all add stress and possible disconnect.

We help navigate through this sea of plenty to build stronger relationships.


The “3 A’s” = Anxiety, Anger,

+ Addiction

You may be holding back and fearful of letting others in.  Worry consumes you as you negatively reflect on how things will never change and your habits will continue to spiral.

You’re questioning everything.

Decisions are really hard.

You feel uncertain and exhausted.

We feel strongly connected to the many aspects and varying degrees that anxiety, anger, and addiction can play in our lives. At the crux of many fears and relationship struggles lie one or more of the “3A’s.” 

As a result, ineffective coping skills build a wall against change, and instead create less tolerance for uncomfortable emotions and those around us. We want to help with what feels impossible to do, to be possible to achieve. 

Book a Free Consultation

This is your chance, take it! Let’s connect so we can explore all of the many possibilities available in your life. We can help navigate next steps, answer questions, and target needs. This short consultation can give you the direction you crave to begin seeing yourself as the strongest component in making life more manageable and aligned with you.

Art is a way of recognizing oneself. 

―  Louise Bourgeois