Group Art Workshops: For Shared Experience & Inner Work


Post-Covid Art Group Workshops


(More details to come as the world resumes to more in-person interaction)

Soul Collage Facilitator

SoulCollage® Offerings

~Uniquely You~ 

A Beginning SoulCollage® Workshop for those 50+ yrs young. 

Dates: Four Fridays-3/24/23, 3/31/23, 4/14/23, 4/21/23
From 9:30am-12:30pm

Restore & Connect
Strengthen & Empower
Introduce + Welcome in…your unique self.

Join SoulCollage® facilitator Andrea Picard in using collage as means to make an intuitive deck of hand-made cards. SoulCollage® is a unique art-making process that helps to generate and strengthen intuitive trust and self-understanding through the use of image and voice. Learn about and embrace card creating and card consultation to evoke the richness within that seeks to be known.

~What to expect~

  • More understanding of the SoulCollage® process.
  • Becoming more comfortable with your creative intuitive self.
  • Magical ah ha moments.
  • Being a part of a supportive community.

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Art is coming face to face with yourself.

―  Jackson Pollock